Are you wondering…why can’t you save money?
This book makes it easy!

Does your money run out before your month does?
Ever wonder why you have trouble saving money?
Let “TheSmartestWay™ to Save” rescue your wallet!

  • This quick-and-easy guide is filled with tips, stories and suggestions to help you save on:

    Gas,  Clothes,  Cars, Parties, Food…  and so much more

You will learn how to:

Handle money problems, deal with money situations with friends and family, pay off your credit cards, live within your income, become financially independent


Dear Saver,

Our mission is to help you find smarter, easier ways to save your money, increase your options, and succeed in all areas of your life.We would love to email you our 26 Principles of Financial Independence.

Learn How to Save Money with TheSmartestWay Series™!

Your money is hard to make, but easy to spend! You know you need to save to buy a home, send kids to college, retire comfortably, and prepare for financial crises. But credit card debt can cripple you, weakening your ability to cope with financial setbacks. You can drown in a sea of toxic debt and feel powerless to overcome destructive, compulsive shopping.

Sam and Heidi provide an easy-to-read manual on how to spend less and save more, overcome bad habits and conquer debt. Their tips are clear, practical, doable, and lead to financial security. This timeless book provides sound money advice that you can apply to your daily life, regardless of your age or economic situation.

Sam’s and Heidi’s stories from their divergent backgrounds encourage you to embrace your financial responsibility with enthusiasm. Their straight talk is engaging and compassionate and will make a genuine difference in your life and rescue your wallet—and your future!

Success takes a great amount of time and effort! “Straightline Publishers has created TheSmartestWay Series™”. Our easy-to-read books are filled with quick chunks of powerful things to think about and tips you can start using today! There is something for everyone in every book.

Look for our upcoming books on saving, investing, and many other topics on how to be successful in both your personal and professional life.


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Your partners in savings success,
Heidi and Sam
Authors of: The Smartest Way to Save: Why You Can’t Hang on to Money and What to Do About It