Frequently Asked Questions


What is The Smartestway?

The Smartestway is a mobile and online application that helps you turn your notes and other school materials into interactive learning aids with the help of artificial intelligence. Your notes can be used by other users of the platform, just as you can use the notes of others.

How much does it cost to use the app?

The use of the application and access to the entire content in the form of questions and answers are completely free. Different subscription packages are available for using interactive teaching aids.

What subscriptions are available?

Free subscription, Premium subscription and Premium Friends subscription are available.

How long is the free trial period and what can I test during this time?

The free trial period lasts 2 months. During this time, you can try all the interactive learning aids to the limit. After the end of the test period, you can decide to upgrade the free package to one of the paid packages. If you choose not to do so, your notes will still be accessible in the form of questions and answers.

What are interactive learning aids?

Interactive learning aids are the essence of this application and allow you to use them to learn for the test as much as 10 times faster than usual. These are Smart Cards - smart cards with which you can repeat the material and test your knowledge with the help of random Pop Quizzes. You can also speed up your learning with the Speed ​​Learning game, which takes advantage of speed reading and control questions. In this way, you learn the material without even noticing that you are learning. Soon you can expect even more interactive learning aids.

How long will it take to create Smart Learning Cards from my notes?

This happens at the same time as the conversion to questions and answers.

Will I be able to export the Smart Card for use outside the application (printing)?

Not at the moment. We plan to add this option in the future.

Can I use the app to record my learning progress with the Smart Card?

Yes. You can currently see how many Smart Cards you have successfully rated with 5 and whether you have already completed one section.

How many Smart Points can I get for solving Pop Quizzes?

With each correct answer to the Pop Quiz, you get 10 Smart Points.

Can I activate Pop Quiz myself?

No, Pop Quiz will be activated automatically during your study.

What is the Speed ​​Learning game?

The Speed ​​Learning game takes advantage of speed reading and control questions to speed up your learning and help you read boring notes much faster than you think. By increasing your speed, your focus also improves, and with intermediate control questions that appear after each key piece of information, you check your understanding of the material.

Will the program cover all subjects that are in the school curriculum?

The notes for the items that will be available on the platform are up to you, the users. The more you upload, the more content will be on the platform. Of course, the goal is to cover all subjects together as soon as possible.

Why can't I find the app in Google Play and the Apple Store?

It is not currently available there, but you can expect it soon. You can still use The Smartestway app via your phone.

You can find out how to download it to your phone on the Download subpage.


    What is Smart Notebook and where can I buy it?

    This is a notebook with smart accessories that help you write down school material and summaries more efficiently. You can also connect the Smart Notebook to The Smartestway app and turn your notes into interactive learning tools even faster. You can buy it here .

    What types of notebooks are available?

    You can choose between a striped or checkered notebook.

    What is the price of one Smart Notebook?

    The price of one Smart Notebook is 4.99 €.


        What are Smart Points and why do I need them?

        Smart Points represent the virtual currency of this platform, which you can buy, earn or use to unlock premium functionality and soon also special rewards. You can use them to buy extra time to answer questions in the Pop Quiz or speed up the conversion of notes into interactive learning aids.

        How do I get a Smart Pointe?

        You can earn Smart Points by uploading notes yourself (contributing content), bringing in a new TSW user, answering questions correctly in the Pop Quiz, filling in your profile information, confirming your email address during registration, and rating the conversion quality of your note. You can read more about how you can get Smart Points on the Smart Points subpage.

        How many Smart Points do I earn if I bring a classmate?

        If you bring a classmate who registers in The Smartestway and becomes a user, you both earn 1,000 Smart Points. You can bring a maximum of 5 classmates.

        How many Smart Points do I earn if I upload one note?

        When you upload one note, 100 Smart Points are added to your account. This way you can get up to 500 Smart Points.

        How many Smart Points do I earn if I rate a note conversion?

        You get 100 SP for rating the conversion quality of your smart note for up to 5 rated notes. So a total of 500 SP.

          How and where can I buy Smart Pointe?

          You can buy them according to the price list below in the settings of your The Smartestway profile.

          • €1.99 = 1,000 Smart Points
          • €7.99 = 5,000 Smart Points (20% discount)
          • €9.99 = 10,000 Smart Points (50% discount)

          How much money is 1,000 Smart Points?

          1,000 Smart Points is €1.

          When can I cash out Smart Pointe?

          Payout is possible if you have at least €20 = 20,000 SP in your wallet and have been a Premium or Premium Friends subscriber for at least 3 months.

          If I am not satisfied with the service, do you offer a refund?

          Of course. If you are not satisfied with the platform, we will return the money you paid for the purchase of the subscription or Smart Points within 30 days of the purchase of Smart Points that have not yet been used.


          What is one note?

          One note represents the amount of material needed to master the knowledge for one test. This can be 1 page or more in a notebook, sheet, notepad, etc. The length depends on the teacher, the subject or the author of the notes.

          Is there a limit on text length?

          Currently, this is about 20 A4 pages or between 10,000 and 15,000 words.

          How can I create interactive learning aids?

          You can do this in 3 ways:

          1. You write the text by hand or you copy and paste text from somewhere else.
          2. Take a photo of a notebook or any other notes or text.
          3. You upload a file or photo with content.

          What format does the notes file need to be in so I can upload it to the web application?

          Notes can be in the following formats: DOCX, PDF, PNG, JPEG or JPG.

          If DOCX and PDF contain any images, we cannot process them yet. We will also implement this option in the future.

            What is the file size limit I can upload to the web application?

            Currently, the limit is 100 MB per note. This means that you can upload one large file or several smaller ones.

            Does TSW also work with handwriting?

            Of course. The quality of the conversion depends on the legibility of the font. If you don't know how to read behind yourself, it's hard for us to do miracles either. ;) It is also important to take photos of paper that is as flat as possible, or notebook, otherwise lines may be mixed up.

            How long will it take for my notes to be converted and available for others to use?

            The conversion of notes takes from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the file size, the length of the text and the busyness of our server and your subscription.

            Can I edit the questions and answers myself after the conversion?

            You can easily edit the questions and answers after conversion.

            Does the system support the conversion of notes in a foreign language?

            In principle, the conversion does not depend on the language. This means you can convert any language. The probability is that the foreign language will be translated into Slovenian. We are still testing this functionality.

            Can I upload notes that contain tables, formulas and graphs?

            In principle, you can upload them, but they will probably convert worse at this point. We plan to fix this issue with additional AI model settings.

            For any additional questions, we are available at .