In the first episode, Lara Zaverla is with us, who will attend the 4th year at the Electrical and Computer School at the School Center Velenje, computer technician program in the new school year. In his free time, he does a lot of music and audio production. She also likes to read and research on the Internet. In conversation, he takes us down the rabbit hole of his interests.

Lara Zaverla, 4th year student at the School Center Velenje

IG: @laraz_zzzzzzz

Martin Blazinšek, a teenager trapped in an adult's body
IG: @tinncek


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00:00 - Introduction

01:44 - Lara Zaverla
02:44 - Internet research
25:50 - Traumatic games
36:47 - Playing bass
47:27 - Audio production
53:14 - Fast&Furious
58:36 - Let's change the world

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