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The Smartestway is a mobile application that helps you turn your notes and other school materials into interactive learning aids with the help of artificial intelligence. This way you study for the test 10 times faster than ever before.


"This app is a real game changer, I tell you!"

  • You upload notes in the form of a photo, Word or any other document to the application.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) organizes learning materials into a meaningful whole and extracts the essence from them, and then transforms them into interactive learning aids such as Smart Cards and Speed ​​Learning game.

  • You repeat the material by choosing your favorite learning tool. You can just skim the Smart Cards or play the Speed ​​Learnig game and find out how many key facts you have managed to remember.

Read what students say about The Smartestway below...

I have gotten much much better grades with this app.


Anej D.


The app helps me a lot. Yesterday the teacher asked me two assessments and I got five for both.


Anže L.


The app works perfectly and creates high-quality notes.


Luke L.


Since I couldn't read the material for school hundreds of times, I thought it was wise to download the app. It's cool because I can also find other people's notes, not just mine.


Isabella D.


It helps me a lot in my studies. Even short emails on how to use the app come in handy so much that you don't even have to think about it.



Elementary school girl

I like the conversion that makes the extracts short and to the point.


Jasmin D.


Your app is so good for me.🙂 I used to struggle so much with writing notes by hand, now I can get them in just 15 minutes. I really like it.


Ilhana H.


The application works quite quickly and exactly as I imagined.


Nastya O.


Converting notes into interactive learning aids works great as it covers the material in its entirety.


Emilia L.


I saw The Smartestway on TikTok and was immediately interested because it makes learning easier that way. My first impressions were very good, as using the app is easy.


Tarin F.


My impressions are great, but I expected more notes on the platform.


Lara T.


The app is otherwise excellent and I also found the emails about usage useful. It could be improved by having a colored background.


Gal L.


Interactive learning aids

Create smart notes

You can create a new smart note in The Smartestway by clicking the + button (Upload notes). You take a picture of the material in a notebook, textbook or book or you upload a Word document (or some other document). You can edit the converted text as you wish. You choose the title of the smart note, the name of the subject and, if desired, the name of the professor of the selected subject.

Share notes with classmates and earn Smart Points

Every smart note you create is also available to other users of the platform. Every time someone learns from your notes, you earn a Smart Point. You create a link to your notes by clicking on the sharing icon in the upper right part of the smart note. You can then share the link to your notes with your classmates.

Learn with the help of Smart Cards

Smart Cards are cool smart cards that make learning easier, faster and even fun. Can you imagine?!

You can find them in smart notes by clicking on the selected section. First, you read the questions and answers to master the material. To repeat, click on the "Evaluate yourself" button. The answers are then hidden, and you rate your answer on a scale of 1-5. When you rate yourself, the correct answer is shown again.

In the next round of self-checking, only cards with a lower score will appear. The cycle ends when you rate all your answers from the cards with a 5. You can repeat the cycle several times.

Find the smart notes you're missing

Are you missing a certain subject because you weren't at school? No problem! In the menu below (mobile app) or in the search bar above (web app) you will find a simple search engine with which you can search for smart notes by keyword and sort them by address or user. Here you can also check whether your classmate may have uploaded the material you are missing. You can also click on the library (book icon) to see which smart notes were created last.

Smart Notebook


Smart Notebook helps you unlock your superpowers of quick learning already while writing down material and also later when studying. This way, learning becomes much faster for you and achieving the highest grades little by little. Try it out!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Smartestway?

The Smartestway is a mobile and online application that helps you turn your notes and other school materials into interactive learning aids with the help of artificial intelligence. Your notes can be used by other users of the platform, just as you can use the notes of others.

How much does it cost to use the app?

The use of the application and access to the entire content in the form of questions and answers are completely free. You can use different subscription packages to use interactive teaching aids, and you can also test each interactive teaching aid for free.

What are interactive learning aids?

Interactive learning aids are the essence of this application and allow you to use them to learn for the test as much as 10 times faster than usual. These are Smart Cards - smart cards with which you can repeat the material and test your knowledge with the help of random Pop Quizzes. You can also speed up your learning with the Speed ​​Learning game, which takes advantage of speed reading and control questions. In this way, you learn the material without even noticing that you are learning. Soon you can expect even more interactive learning aids.

What is the Speed ​​Learning game?

The Speed ​​Learning game takes advantage of speed reading and control questions to speed up your learning and help you read boring notes much faster than you think. By increasing your speed, your focus also improves, and with intermediate control questions that appear after each key piece of information, you check your understanding of the material.

Why can't I find the app in Google Play and the Apple Store?

It is not available there at the moment, but you can expect it soon. You can still use The Smartestway app via your phone. You can find out how to download it to your phone on the Download subpage.

What is Smart Notebook and where can I buy it?

This is a lined or checkered notebook with smart accessories that help you write down school material and summaries more efficiently. You can also connect the Smart Notebook to The Smartestway app and turn your notes into interactive learning tools even faster. You can buy it here .

How much money is 1,000 Smart Points?

1,000 Smart Points is €1.