Smart Points represent the virtual currency of this platform, which you can buy, earn or use to unlock premium functionality and soon also special rewards. You can use them to buy extra time to answer questions in the Pop Quiz or speed up the conversion of notes into interactive learning aids.


Smart Points

  • You receive 100 SP for each of the first 5 notes you create on the platform. So a total of 500 SP .

  • You get 100 SP for rating the conversion quality of your smart note for up to 5 rated notes. So a total of 500 SP .

  • 100 bedrooms you receive a maximum of 5 smart notes created by other users for quality assessment. So a total of 500 SP .

  • You receive 200 SP for each piece of information you fill out in your profile (school, program, year, class, start of school). So a total of 1,000 SP .

  • You receive 1,000 SP for each invited friend (maximum 5) who registers in the application. So a total of 5,000 SP .

  • You get 2,000 SP when you download The Smartestway mobile app to your phone.

  • 50% OFF



    10,000 Smart Points

    100x time extension in Pop Quiz

    50 quick conversions

  • 20% OFF

    A NUDE


    5,000 Smart Points

    50x time extension in Pop Quiz

    25 quick conversions



    1,000 Smart Points

    10x time extension in Pop Quiz

    5 quick conversions

Time extension in the Pop Quiz Extra 10 seconds
100 bedrooms
Fast conversion Instantly created notes
200 SP