We are on a mission to transform the future of learning

Each of us has a super brain waiting to be unlocked. Our mission is to show people how they can better utilize the capacity of their brains and reach their full potential.

We believe that with the right approaches, we can learn more, faster and for a longer time. More …

With our help, anyone can unlock their ability to learn quickly and master up to 100 pages of material in just 30 minutes.

Our vision is to change the perception of traditional learning and revolutionize it with more effective (interactive) learning methods.

With different approaches, we can achieve exponential growth in both ability and speed of knowledge acquisition. The Smartestway is like fitness for the brain. Just as physical exercise strengthens muscles, which are always stronger, so by increasing learning challenges and advanced, interactive aids, we can unlock the highest abilities of our brain.

We believe that knowledge should be free for everyone, and anyone can share it. That's why all content in The Smatestway app is completely free.

The Smartestway is not just an entrepreneurial idea, but a collaborative effort to transform the future of learning. The founder, who more than 12 years ago digitized the Slovenian school system with eAsistent (today used in more than 85% of Slovenian schools), now leads The Smartestway with a vision of global change.

Be a part of it.

A global team with a global mission