#7 - Javor Vogelnik: International trainer of communication skills

This episode is a little different, because with me was not a student, but a certified communication expert, Javor Vogelnik, who helps directors and managers as an international trainer of communication skills. We talked about empathy, listening and dealing with aggressive communication between students and in relation to parents and teachers. In addition to the above, we touched on emotional intelligence, depression, anger, guilt and shame.

Javor Vogelnik, International trainer of communication skills, Pan Institute
YouTube: @javorvogelnik
IG: @javorvogelnik

FB: https://m.tsw.si/fb-javorvogelnik
W: https://www.javorvogelnik.com/

Martin Blazinšek, a teenager trapped in an adult's body
IG: @tinncek
Email: martin@growingup.si


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00:00 - Introduction
01:40 - Javor Vogelnik
03:04 - Study and find your passion

17:26 - Creativity, imagination, passion
30:35 - Depression among young people
37:30 - Empathy vs. compassion and vulnerability
47:09 - Nonviolent communication, needs and feelings
01:15:49 - Motivation and response to stress
01:29:57 - Awareness of trauma and its consequences
01:54:59 - Fast&Furious
02:08:29 - Let's change the world

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