How can you memorize any list of words quickly?

Kreativna in razumna stran možganov

Let's face it, it's pretty useful to be able to memorize a list on the fly.

Whether it's important tasks and obligations that you have to complete, or some key words for a presentation or test.

You can now remember any list you write down in a quick and easy way.

Yes, a centuries-old technique allows you to train your memory by using your imagination. 🚀

It is a chain method of memorizing lists based on creating a link between the elements of the list.

This technique involves combining two or more pieces of information in a fun and interesting way. It is best to imagine the information in the form of pictures, which you then connect into an imaginary story. The flow of the story and the power of visualizing objects make it very easy to recall stored information.

When using this system, I recommend that you imagine living images, that is, images in motion.

Let's take a fun example from biology. We are trying to remember the three smallest bones in the body. These are found in the ear 👂 and are called: hammers, anvils and stirrups.

Let's create a short story. Imagine a saddled horse 🐎 (saddles have stirrups) himself using a hammer 🔨 and an anvil to make his own horseshoes. A bizarre story in which the three smallest bones in the body are hidden. 😳

Now I have a challenge for you. 😎 Can you name the 10 smallest countries in the world? 🌏 I challenge you to use the chain method to create a story and complete the challenge.

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