How can you remember a phone number, birthday or numeric password with a simple trick?

Kako si lahko z zgodbo zapomniš dolge številke

Have you ever thought about being able to write the number pi (π) to 22,500 decimal places?


What about the fact that it would be nice to remember an important phone number (when you don't have your phone with you), a birthday or a computer password? It wouldn't be a joke, would it? ☎️

Learn about one of the most powerful techniques for memorizing numbers - Herigon's Mnemonic System or Master System.

Unfortunately, our brains are fundamentally very bad at remembering numbers. 😤

The problem is that numbers are quite abstract concepts. Otherwise, they are visually represented by symbols, but our brain does not perceive them as something real.

The brain is most active when it can visualize things with vivid images, which, let's be real, numbers are not.

The solution therefore lies in the technique of the main system, with the help of which you can turn abstract and boring numbers into lively and stunning images. You can do all this in just 3 steps...

  1. Learn to encode numbers as pictures. You do this with the help of the mnemonic table (below), which helps you convert numbers into consonants. By adding vowels, you will then form words that you can imagine as pictures. Converting numbers into consonants and words is purely phonetic, but when forming words, think of simple words that you can easily imagine, such as different animals or different types of food. 🐕 🍕
    mnemonic table for coding numbers
  2. Match the pictures with an imaginary scene , which should be as unusual, crazy and even nonsensical as possible. In short, make it fun. This way you will attract attention in your brain. For short numbers, e.g. 30, the first two steps are enough. 🥳
  3. But if we want to transfer this system to larger numbers , we have to go one step further. We have to create a sequence of events or even a story . We do this by connecting several imaginary scenes from the second step in a short story. Of course, we must not forget that the story should be as entertaining as possible so that our brains will remember it more easily. 🎞

Do you think you could already cope with the feat of writing the number pi (π) to 22,500 decimal places? So see you at the pi recitation contest?

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