How to prepare for a presentation if you can't remember the written speech at all?

Palača spomina, kjer vsak del sobe povežeš z določenim delom besedila, ki si ga želiš zapomniti

The answer to this question can be found in the ancient Greeks .

What do you think about the fact that one of the most effective methods for improving memory was discovered in BC? 😲 Amazing, right?

The ancient Greeks, who discovered the memory palace, are responsible for this.

The method of loci or memory palace 🏰 is a memory improvement strategy that uses visualizations of familiar spatial environments. This method is a commonly used method for memorizing speeches and lists where order is important.

Well, let's build our memory palace and see if it really works.

And no, you don't have to go anywhere, just keep your head down. 🙇

Create a mental journey through a well-known place (e.g. your house or apartment). That's right, your first couple of locations (loci) can be: bed, table in your room, hallway, kitchen, living room. These locations represent your memory palace, through which you will always walk along the same path.

Well, let's start learning. 🎬

Take a sheet of text that you need to memorize and divide it into as many parts as you have locations in your palace. In our example, we will divide the text into 5 parts and place each part in one location. So we will place the introduction to your presentation on your bed in the room. There you will only think about the introduction. We will place another part on the table and arrange all the other parts in this way.

Now what?

Let's go on a trip. The key is to tour your palace as many times as possible, as this will help you remember your presentation the fastest. Every time I travel through the memory palace again, I should remember every part of the text of your presentation.

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