Growing Up! podcast

with Martin Blazinšek

I am Martin Blazinšek, a teenager trapped in an adult body. This is the Growing Up Podcast! 🤘

I'm recording this podcast mainly because I'm struggling with a midlife crisis and I want to go back to my high school and college years through conversations with young people and the young at heart. Here we learn together what it's like to be a teenager today. So, what do young people do in their free time, where do they party, how do they study and how do they think. Above all, how you plan to change the world.

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#5 - Lara Stropnik : The plight of children and adolescents

In the fifth episode, I was with Lara Stropnik, a 2nd year student at the Secondary Trade and Arrangement School in Ljubljana, majoring in arrangement technician. In her free time,...

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#4 - Tibor Hvala : Slovenian record holder in reciting the number pi

This time I talked to Tibor Hvala, a 2nd-year student at Poljane High School. Tibor is the current Slovenian record holder in reciting the number pi, who dethroned Niko Škrlec....

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#3 - Val Stankovič Pangerc : European Youth Parliament

In the third episode, I was accompanied by Val Stankovič Pangerc, a 4th-year student at Vič High School in Ljubljana. In his free time, he plays various sports and has...

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#2 - Dominik Pačnik : About fitness and motorbikes

In the second episode, I spoke with Dominik Pačnik, who finished the Gustav Šilih Primary School in Velenje before the summer and has already started attending the 1st year of...

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#1 - Lara Zaverla : Down the Rabbit Hole

In the first episode, Lara Zaverla is with us, who will attend the 4th year at the Electrical and Computer School at the School Center Velenje, computer technician program in...

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