In the third episode, I was accompanied by Val Stankovič Pangerc, a 4th-year student at Vič High School in Ljubljana. In his free time, he plays various sports and has a blue belt in karate. He is very interested in self-improvement and human relations. That is why he is increasingly active in various student communities and non-governmental organizations. Among other things, he told me what the European Youth Parliament looks like and what they do there.

Val Stankovič Pangerc, 4th year student at the Vič High School in Ljubljana
IG: @val_pang_

Martin Blazinšek, a teenager trapped in an adult's body
IG: @tinncek


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00:00 - Introduction
01:54 - Val Stankovič Pangerc

02:41 - Karate
23:39 - Depression & self-improvement
52:35 - European Youth Parliament
01:15:54 - Fast&Furious
01:28:03 - Let's change the world

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