How will the "MOM" system help you to remember the name of someone who just introduced themselves to you?

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It's probably happened to you that you sometimes forget the simplest things... like the name of someone who just introduced themselves to you. Terrible, I know.

Or you forget to vacuum the apartment and buy milk, even though your mother sent you to get it for the second time.

No, there's nothing wrong with you. 😉

so what is the problem? 🤷‍♂️

This mainly lies in your approach to memorization.

Memory and speed reading expert Jim Kwik recently shared his simple “MOM” system for better memorization:

MOTIVATION: Ask yourself why you need to remember something. As soon as you have a reason to remember something, you will. You will surely be able to remember the name of your new classmate if he invites you for ice cream after school or if you know he can give you good notes right? 📝

OBSERVATION: Memory problems are usually due to problems with attention, not with the ability to recall memories. Being present in the moment is important. Be aware of your surroundings. Open your eyes and listen. For example what was happening in class when a new classmate introduced himself to you? 👀

MECHANICS: Find a process or trick that works for you in different situations and practice it. Again and again. You don't get better at remembering names until you start practicing it. One of the tricks you can use when learning names or anything else is associations.

For example Peter = Petrol. 🧪

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