How can you prevent yourself from forgetting more than half of the learned material after one hour?

Po eni uri učenja pozabiš že polovico naučene snovi

The German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus , who in the 19th century dealt with the laws of preserving and forgetting information, based on his findings created the forgetting curve (Forgetting Curve) . 🤔

The curve in the picture below shows that one hour after studying you already forget more than half of the academic material, and after one day already more than 70% . 😱

The forgetting curve falls steepest in the first two days (the part colored red), after two days it becomes flatter. We can therefore understand from the curve that if we do not repeat the processed learning material for one month, we will retain it only in about 20% . 🤦‍♂️

the forgetting curve

Ok, but what can you do to prevent this?

The graph below shows that the forgetting curve is much flatter if you repeat the learned material in intervals (Spaced Learning) and thereby improve your memory.


If you repeat the revised learning material after a day, the forgetting curve will become flatter . If you repeat the material again the next day, it will be even slower and after three days the process of forgetting will begin to proceed at a snail's pace . 🐌

Yes, that's why it really pays to repeat each subject at least three times . The fourth and fifth repetitions after a few weeks will prevent you from forgetting that little bit more, and you can retain the learned material for years and years. Well, or at least until graduation . 😉

the forgetting curve becomes flatter with more repetitions
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