How can you read up to 800 words in one minute?

Mlad fant navdušeno hitro bere knjigo

Did you know that the average reader reads at a speed of 250 to 300 words per minute?

Well, using the right techniques, your speed can exceed an enviable 800 words per minute in a month. 🏃 ♂️ And yes, some even reach speeds of 2000 words per minute and more. 🏎

 Wondering how to get there?

With these 5 simple tips…

  1. While reading, keep your eyes slightly above the text and your reading will be faster. If you look at the text in the middle, your eyes get stuck.
  2. Use your finger to help you read . It will be faster to read and easier to accelerate if the eye follows the finger.
  3. Change the reading speed depending on the complexity of the text. Read easy parts of the text faster, and more difficult parts more slowly.
  4. Read twenty percent from the left and right edges of the text, because you have this ability for your brain to detect and read even those letters or words on which you are not focused. You don't believe it? Try it out!
  5. Stop subvocalizing , i.e. saying words in your head. In doing so, you activate your auditory or auditory memory, but not your visual memory.

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